“Where do you come from?”

This is a question you can,
quite properly, put to our wine.

“I come from the noble vines
of the Collio
and Colli Orientali del Friuli.”

Its answer will start like this.

“Who nurtured you?”

you can ask to find
out how the wine developed

“The ponca
was my Mother Earth.”

Is the answer you will receive,
with the Friulian name for the Eocene marl
that is the finest soil
of all for cultivating the vine.

“Where do you live?”

might be your next question for this noble child of the vine.

“On the terraced slopes at Gramogliano and above Cormons”

will be the reply

"where the finest sunshine
in these sublime DOC zones shines on vineyards,
aspected to South and West,
that give their very finest fruits."

“Where do you want to rest?”

is another question you
can ask our wine,

“In the cellars at Corno di Rosazzo”

it will say.

“Here, in my bottle
with its fresh new livery,
I will get ready to make an excellent impression
at the table where I am to be served.”

“What will be the subject of conversation?”

you might ask, eager to hear my reply.

"Everything, but briefly, since silence befits
that which is good and good itself."